Confectionery Collection 
1 Litre Drums, 4 Litre Drums, Bulk Confectionery, 
Canisters - 6cm & 12 cm, Cello Bags, Clear 
Containers, Cocktail Shakers, Flashing Glasses, 
Jelly Bean Dispensers, Lollipops, Mint Cards, 
Packaging, Pillow Packs, Silver Tins, Stainless 
Steel Bowls, Stainless Steel Coffee Cups, 
Stainless Steel Ice Buckets, Stanless Steel Mugs, 
Tin Buckets, White Gift Tubs, White Tins, Zipper 

Funky Thingz Collection 
Anti Stress Items, Anti Stress Items With Sound, 
Batteryless Flashlight, Beach Balls, Binoculars, 
Bubble Products, Business Card Holders, 
Calculators, Calico & Cotton Bags, Car 
Accessories, Chamois, Coasters / Glass Plate, 
Holders, Coin Banks, Computer Accessories, Dog 
Tags, Erasers, Fans, Flashing Glasses / Badges, 
Flashlight Keytags, Flyers, Golf Accessories, 
Grooming / Hygiene / Manicure Sets, Keytags, 
Lanyards / Name Badge Holders, Lens Cloths, 
Lighters, Luggage Tags, Magnetic Bookmarks, 
Magnetic Indexes, Magnifiers, Massagers, Mobile 
Phone Accessories, Mugs, Noisemakers, 
Noteholders, Opener / Keytags, Paint Sheets, 
Paperclip Dispensers, Pill Boxes, Puzzle / 
Rulers, Screwdrivers, Sewing Kits, Slitters / 
Cutters, Spring Thingz, Stapler / Removers, Tape 
Measures / Calipers, Tattoos, Teddy Bears, 
Visors, Wuppies, Yo Yo's

Write 'n' Rule Collection 
Highlighters, Notebook / Organisers, Pen Holders, 
Pen Packaging, Pencil Cases / Organisers, 
Pencils, Pens - Metal, Pens - Plastic, Rulers

Platinum Collection 
Adventure Tools / Compasses, Binoculars, 
Booklights, Business Card Holders, Clocks, 
Dynamic Touch Range, Flashlight Keytags, Manicure 
Sets, Paperweights, Pen Cups, Poker Sets, Rocks 
Magnetic, Stainless Steel Collection, Tape 
Measures / Spirit Levels, Waiters Friends, World 
Time Clocks / Calculators



Image Collection

Imagecollection celebrates the launch of their 
exclusive designer collection.The range includes 
items by Ferrari, Paul Bocuse, Carl Jorgen, FERRE 
and Case Logic. Combining impeccable style with a 
hint of luxury, these products are sure to leave 
a lasting impression.

At Imagecollection, they pride themselves on the 
quality and variety of pens they offer. Now with 
the introduction of 14 new models, you have even 
more great options to choose from.




The Eurobrands collection is probably the most 
exciting collection in Australia today. From the 
very best products available from Europe, 
Eurobrands has created a young, vibrant and, 
above all, colourful collection. 

Our colour schemes are based on Europes latest 
colour releases - the fashion colours of today. 
And they continue supplying any new colours and 
products making it on the promotional catwalks of 
the future.

The Range

Desk Items, IT Products, Writing Instruments, 
Business Accessories, Bags & Conference, Premium 
Items, Compendiums, Lifestyle & Leisure, Home