Vector Art Files (EPS, Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw)
These are the best file type printing and reproduction of your logo. If you cannot provide in the above file types, we can redraw your logo for a nominal fee of $85+GST
JPEG Files
JPEG (.jpg) are not suitable for Pad or Screen Print. This file type is however suitable for Embroidery.
PDF Files
.pdf can be used for Pad & Screen printing is created from a Vector Based software application. For Embroidery PDF files can be used.
Doc Files and Text Files
We cannot use Microsoft Word or Text files. These files types if supplied will have to be converted to vector
files by re drawing for a nominal fee of $85+GST.
Please ensure that all fonts are converted to curves (outlines).
If you are unable to provide artwork, our graphic designers can help. Please contact us.
Any questions in regard to artwork please phone: (02) 9756 6616 or Email: